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    Ethically Sustainable Utilization / Usage

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    Non Invasive Eco Tourism and volunteerism

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Social Ecological Alliance

Social Ecological Activism at it’s Best

The Past

The island was named by its first inhabitants, the Tainos, as “the Mother of all Lands”. She received and bountifully nourished all travelers, fed with her ample varieties of fruits and plants, and quenched the thirst of all who arrived with her pristine water.


Today we are living longer through droughts, reduced service and quality of the water that comes into our homes, but this is not important for multinationals that profit in our great economy. The responsibility lies with each of us and that is to take care that our resources are restored and preserved.

The Future

Domino NGO is a consortium of Journalists, Musicians & Artists dedicated to Socio Ecological activism through activities of COMMUNITY Union. Our ECOFORESTA KISKEYA campaign consists of the implementation of biodynamic operations which in short terms can recover FLORA our Cordilleras and watersheds of KISKEYA.

Recent News

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Social Ecological Activism

Social Ecological Activism at it’s Best

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