1. I) Faced with the problems analyzed and shown here in detail, taking into account the infeasibility of attempting to continue the irrational exploitation of already meager natural resources, humanity is inevitably leading itself towards an unprecedented crisis with the devastating consequences that this involves, many have raised their voices calling to rectify this path that is not politically nor socio-economically  viable.
  2. II) Throughout its history, when confronted with crisis humanity has evolved and overcome the problems it has been been faced with; this is from our point of view is a virtue that we carry in our genes. Since those days when early hominids were erected and left their trees to conquer the savannah, to our current technological world, there has been an epic amount of documented material and spiritual achievements. Without fear of being mistaken, we are confident that the current crisis is only the dawn of a new world and that human beings will demonstrate once again that while not being perfect, and probably never achieving perfection, we are in a process of perfecting- that is our individual, social, and professional vision.
  3. As individuals conscious of the 4 Elements, we propose our vision to overcome the current decadent system of production; though we do not intend to give a lecture on sustainability and eco industrialism – a subject to which the best thinkers and philosophers have devoted entire libraries of theoretical contributions.

    We simply claim that from our perspective founded in professional and multidisciplinary orientation, we may coordinate the knowledge and abilities to deliver a coherent proposal, stated from the techno-agrological point of view, and above all, an ethical point of view. The basis of our proposal is the efficient use of the resources made available to humanity today; This being achieved under the eco-industrial standard; A method integrating architecture with natural cycles; A process which shows the complete absence of waste or residue, utilizing materials currently offered by human ingenuity, applied in the most efficient manner and with absolute ecological awareness .

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