EcoForesta UAS 501 (c) 3

A non-profit foundation formed and managed by a CONSORTIUM of JOURNALISTS, ARTISTS and MUSICIANS in Collaboration of MULTIDISCIPLINARY ENGINEERING that promotes socio-ecological activism through community-based activities and events of Community Union,  through rural and Urban community.

Arch Work Unlimited:

A multi-disciplinary engineering firm that provides the Orchid Colmena Vertical Farm for the Ecoforesta Kiskeya Community Centers, which consists of a building designed for autonomous, sustainable food production operations in rural areas, establishing economic model for the development of agricultural communities.

AWU has several years contributing to projects for the benefit of rural communities in Pimentel, Pedro Garcia, Altamira, and Juan Pio in Dominican Republic.

Hotel Villa Palma:

The hotel condominiums of the Hotels Villa Palma chain are the sisters of Ecoforesta Kiskeya. Direct support is given by providing lodging for local and international participants in the EcoForesta programs, and through a rewards and reservations program, so that as the Hotels Villa Palma franchise grows across the Dominican Republic, Haiti and Latin America, it’s operations will directly sustain and fuel the expansion of EcoForesta Kiskaya.

Nevada 501 (c) 3

To ensure the success of the Ecoforesta USA  campaign starting in the Island of Kiskeya is in collaboration with two companies, Archwork Unlimited, Hotel Villa Palma and in partnership with various entities such as Ron Bermúdez, Abbott & Asociados, Glocal, Liter of Light, Wine to Water, Cacique Verde among others.